About Us

Nason Davis Eesti OÜ was established in 2002 in Tartu and we trade in planed/further processed and sawn timber products.

Our main target markets are the UK and Japan together with France and China, currently we have active clients in 14 countries and we are open to new long-term co-operation possibilities.

We have close relationships with all major Estonian sawmills and we import suitable raw material for further processing to Estonia from Nordic countries and Russia.

We specialize in small volume flexible deliveries with consistent quality (several sections/lengths in one load or container), we can offer precision end trimmed short length components in addition to random length goods.
The Company has several programs running for Japanese framing and batten sizes, components for pre-fabricated houses and DIY products.
Our production for European markets include framings, cross cut components for furniture, claddings and black painted weatherboards.

We are amongst the largest exporters of aspen (populus tremula) and alder (alnus glutinosa and incana) to the UK for the pallet, packaging sector and other industrial applications.

The owner of the company and the principal trade partner is Nason Davis Ltd from the United Kingdom, in addition Nason Davis has a sales Office in Tokyo, Japan. 

Please visit www.nasondavis.com for more information about Nason Davis Ltd.